Muslim Active Thinking in North America

MATIN Talks is a forum that gives everyone, in particular youth/students, the opportunity to present their passions, creativity, and ideas towards addressing pertinent issues in our society.

The MATIN Talks platform is a great way to express your ideas and insights and to raise awareness within your own community.

MATIN Talks National is the event of the year. Held annually during the MSA-PSG conference, MATIN Talks brings juniors and adult competitors together for a head to head competition to secure a spot on the main stage and to win top prizes. MATIN Talks Nationals is held in two rounds: the first round is judged behind closed doors and the winners of round one move onto the final round under the spotlight in front of a large audience. MATIN Talks Nationals is open for everyone of all ages to apply. Take advantage of this great opportunity and apply now!

Are you interested in hosting a MATIN Talks event in your local community? MATIN Talks Local (MTL) events are held throughout the year in local communities across the country. We can help you plan and organize your MTL event. For more information, discover what it means to host a MTL competition. Top winners of MTL events have a guaranteed spot in round one of MATIN Talks Nationals, with an advantage that their talks have been judged already.

Do you know someone who has great ideas but just needs a platform to share their story with the world? Nominate them and help them share the light.