Rules & Format


All presentations will be recorded. Video presentations and photos taken during the MATIN Talks competitions will be posted online for marketing purposes to reach a broader Muslim audience. MSA-PSG and MATIN Talks reserves the right to use and distribute all media taken.

Previous MATIN Talks participants can come back the following year, however, the talk must be on a different topic or an update of the idea previously presented.

No Age Limit, anyone can apply to speak at MATIN Talks.

Group presentations are permitted with a limit of 2 persons per group.

Juniors division events are students under the age of 16.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participants that do not adhere to the rules & guidelines set forth.


MATIN Talks Nationals will proceed in two separate rounds for both the juniors and adult divisions:

Round 1 – Presentations are given in front of a panel of judges during a closed off competition.

Round 2 – Participants selected from round one will move onto round two which will take place in front of another panel of judges and open to the public audience.

Note: Juniors and adults compete separately during round 1 but compete against each other during the final round (round 2).


MATIN Talks @ Home competition will proceed in two separate rounds:

Round 1 – Virtual presentations are given in front of a panel of judges. Top participants move onto round 2.

Round 2 – Participants selected from round 1 will move onto round 2. The top participants will give virtual talks and audience viewers select first, second and third place winners.

Note: Juniors and adults will compete separately, each with their own round 1 and round 2 competitions.