Watch And Learn
From those gone before.
Leading the Masses: Prophets vs. Tyrants – Ahmad Bazzi [FIRST PLACE]
Is American Land Usurped? – Alexander Proios [SECOND PLACE]
Social Media and Muslim Identity l Madhia Fatima & Nabah Fatima Khan [THIRD PLACE]
Islamically Reforming the Education System – Seyed Ali Rastegar
It Takes A Village- Addiction Impacts Everyone – Fatemeh Namdar
Dilemma of the Youth – Elyas Mohammad Rasti
New Era Of Drug Addiction – Syed Muhammad Hasan Abidi
Eastern Parents – Western Children – Faezeh Hosseiniankhatibi & Tasnim Khazeni
Akhlaq And The Perceptions Of Muslims – Mostafa Ryadh Thejeel
Islamophobia, Stigmas, And Muslim Identity In The U.S. – Zainab Abbas [FIRST PLACE]
Tailoring Our Communities To Accomodate Human Development Stages – Fatemeh Mirghasemi & Sahar Moshtaghi
A Beautiful Struggle: Breaking the Silence of Mental Health – Laila Issa [FIRST PLACE]
Happiness Should Be in Your Vision – Zahra Kazemi
Knowing Allah Through Motherhood – Masooma Hydary 
American Hussaini: An American’s Journey to the Third World – Ali Salaaam
Integrating Islam in Student Life – Hassan Abbas
Hijab Is Not Limitation, It Is Immunity – Zahra Kazemi
One Problem One Possible Solution: Muslim Manga – Hamed Nouri & Matin Moghaddas
Activism in Islam – Sajjad Soltan Mohammadi